We care about the health and well-being of our animals.

We excel at making sure they are fed well and have comfortable living conditions at all times.

Our cows are able to lay in their sand beds and walk freely throughout the barn, while being protected from harsh weather. In the winter we keep snow and other unpleasant elements out of their living areas by closing the curtained sidewalls of the barns.

Cows love being cool!

In the warm spring and summer months we use fans to maintain a consistent cool temperature with a breeze. We use sprinkler systems and air conditioning in order to keep their body temperature comfortable in high heat.

The cows are always in good hands.

We regularly perform training in the areas of animal behavior, animal husbandry and industry awareness. As a farm, we participate in the FARM Program as well as have our own rigorous environmental standards.

Clay View Dairy Genetics.

Clay View Dairy is a leader in genetic testing, which allows for more dependable genetic information. This information helps us make better decisions, resulting in a more efficient and profitable dairy. 


Clay View Dairy Genetics

If you are interested in genetics, please find more information here.