EMPLOYER: Clay View Dairy, LLP

POSITION: Farm Manager

LOCATION: 35694 215th Ave. Goodhue, MN 55027

DUTIES: Responsible for all daily activities associated with the functions of a large dairy farm. People management, task management and scheduling, milk harvest process, animal health process management, vaccination and antibiotic use efficacy, reproduction management, overall animal wellness, feed storage, feed ordering, feed mixing process management, feed storage management, waste collection process management.

REQUIREMENTS: This position requires at least six (6) months experience in operations management.


Mail Resumes To:

Clay View Dairy, LLP

ATTN: Jon Huseth

33694 215th Ave

Goodhue, MN 55027

Si used esta interesado en ser parte de nuestro equipo, ofrecemos un sueldo competitivo. Favor de llamar a 651-923-5067 o escribanos al email info@cviewdairy.com

Cow Milkers and Pushers

If you are interested in becoming a Milking Technician or Cow Pusher at Clay View Dairy, please call the office at 651-923-5067 or email us at info@cviewdairy.com